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Man of Paper

Maybe I’ll do this up as a proper cartoon sometime. In the meanwhile, here is a sketchbook tribute to Cleveland’s own superhero.


  1. Richard

    Having grown up in Cleveland I went through my Harvey Pekar obsession phase. I had some nice long talks with Joyce when they were doing promotion at the bookstore where I worked, but when I finally met Harvey, for whom I had a million questions, I could only manage “hi.” I was afraid of ending up as a character in his pages, and in a way I think I did. I live my mundane, humdrum life heroically, frame by frame.

  2. the jeep

    Enough with these constant tributes to Harvey Pekar, already. George Steinbrenner dies and I haven’t heard one thing about it. Next thing ya’ know, Mel Gibson will be in the news again.

  3. JY


  4. sentroller

    George Steinbrenner died. Now he was a funny stand-up, going to miss his off-wall humor. RIP Georgy boy

    ReCaptcha is watching “the Spartans” again…Go 300

  5. Richard

    Is Joyce addressing you when she says, “Are you calling my husband a sell-out?” What was the question?

  6. GregMan

    Man, could George draw comics. I remember this strip he drew about a stuffed tiger, a possum and anal sex.

    Oh wait, you mean the Yankees guy?

  7. JY


    I was TRYING to ask if the movie was another layer of unreality between Harvey and his audience, but Joyce just wanted an excuse to hate me. Any excuse would have done.

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