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Coffee Break: Cookie People

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July 16th, 2010

Coffee Break: Cookie People

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  1. punx



  2. NaOH

    And when they do. reCaptcha suggests: possible statuary

  3. Professional Mole

    I don’t know what amuses/confuses me most, the giant talking cookie, the milk threat, the jolly cheeky smile of the cop in that last panel…

    It got me laughing, though, so whatever. :P

  4. Jody

    Those cookie people are so stupid…

  5. H-M

    Damn delicious cookie people D8<

  6. Derf

    That’s not funny. My cousin was milked by a cookie person before.

  7. sentroller

    Surprised the cops didn’tjust taser the cookie then make some lame excuse about how he was a threat or not cooperating with a authority. Common its milk.

    interesting captcha: Verily Canada

  8. peepants

    We may not be as susceptible to milk as the cookie people, (lactose intolerant excluded) but if they were to ever find out about our weakness to the effects of hot tea or coffee upon human skin, it’s game over man!

  9. Malachi

    Captions could be: When the chip hits the fan, who will get drenched in cow secretions? Or Udderly chilling scream for cream. captcha, carried bonbons

  10. rasmodeus

    There seems to be some sort of social commentary here. The cookies’ worldview doesn’t work well with others…and it’s better that way of course, the cookies’ fear of milk keeps them harmless.

    captcha 4th generation Neo: lamest One

  11. Rennod

    Just wait until the mad cookie scientist creates a glass of milk large enough to dunk the WORLD…. and the reCaptcha says the Tester Is….

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