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Coffee Break: Spelling Machine

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  1. Mike T

    YungBluth … You hearhtles weasel !!

  2. punx

    as metahdones go, this is barely herbal Ecstasy, JY…..but I’ll take it as August 30th creeps ever closer…. :)

  3. JY

    You too need a vacation from all the grit. Megadoses of grit are known to have stubble-related side effects.

  4. punx

    That grit has gotten me up on more Monday/Wednesday/whenever the update came/etc. mornings to start doing the ol F5-tap dance than you can imagine, sir….

    Captcha understands it: We Blockheads need “the distill” of blood, guts, violence and Schmoo that WB provides….but as always we are at your thrall LOL

  5. jess

    oh, so sad…

    that dr needs to listen to captcha… and give the boychine dreams of bordello

  6. John W.

    That was my childhood. The only use the other kids had for me was as reference material – and punching bag.

    Hold me. Sob

  7. sentroller

    LOL, dull, boring yet entertaining at the same time. Reminds me of cherry 2000, not really but love that movie so it deserves a mention.

    reCAPTCHA: like muskogee, I don’t even know what muskogee taste like.

  8. Michael


  9. Baughbe


  10. mrgrooism

    C-O-O-L, T-H-I-S W-I-L-L D-O N-I-C-E-L-Y U-N-T-I-L W-E-A-P-O-N B-R-O-W-N R-E-T-U-R-N-S!

  11. punx

    H-E-Y, M-R-G-R-O-O-I-S-M, S-H-A-D-D-A-F-A-H-K-U-P, L-E-T-‘-S S-E-E M-O-R-E O-F I-T B-E-F-O-R-E W-E P-A-S-S J-U-D-G-E-M-E-N-T O-N I-T-‘-S W-B S-U-B-S-T-U-T-I-O-N-A-L Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y.



  12. JY

    Love it, hate it… as the name suggests, Coffee Break is a deviation from the normal workload. I will be happy to add up all the hits and misses when the run is over. In the meantime, keep commenting!

    The president of Captcha Cereals looked at the man standing before him with pity. Clearly the gentleman had but a great deal of love into his costume, as well as the art for his mocked-up cereal box.

    “We understand, sir, that authority figures like Cap’n Crunch and King Vitamin have often been successful in the children’s cereal market…”

    The man’s eye’s lit up. He leaned expectantly over the portable podium he had brought with him.

    “But I’m afraid we at Captcha have decided there is no place in our product line for… Governor Nourish.”

  13. mrgrooism

    @punx – What, I’m not allowed to like something until YOU decide it’s badass enough? Bah, jerx!

  14. punx

    @mrgrooism: if you actually took me that seriously, I feel sorry for you…..

    But, really, it’s been one little 4-panel joke so far, so I can’t just take that as a full balm for my WB DT’s just yet, I need to see more of it before I pass full judement is all.

    I did find it a wee bit funny, like the Puzz Fundles in the back of Rick Veitch’s The One back in the late 80’s, and as it is all we have until 8/30, I intend to see it through to the end anyway LOL

  15. sentroller

    Been back almost every day since Coffee Break was posted and have reread and absorbed it. This istrip s actually a very clever strip denoting the robotic like attributes when it comes to certian tings. At one point this reminded me ofht eone time I watched Toddlers and Tiara’s. The kids had to do what thier authoritarian parents demanded of them when all they wanted was to be kids.

  16. peepants

    Oh please this is utterly unrealistic! If those kids weren’t using Spell-o-Tron to spell dirty words then they’re probably robots too.

    captcha is for prop 8: gay marriage

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