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My Cup Runneth Over!

Lots of new orders this week! Thanks noobs! You make a brother feel loved. By the way, Deep Fried v.2 #4 has not fallen into a black hole. In fact, I just finished coloring the back cover. So, despite dishing out so many excuses for its delay that British Petroleum is thinking of hiring me as a press agent, Deep Fried #4, complete with the awesome fans-only Great Pumpkin story, will soon be ready for you! So, if you are a Beepo, Roadkill, Clarissa, Ghastly Cash, Slamwich or (yes) even a Weapon Brown fan, send me an e-mail┬ácontaining your fan comments and it may be printed in the new issue! Make your subject line “And the Horse You Rode In On” so I don’t confuse it for a penis pill ad.


  1. Malachi

    Deep Fried, the reason why I wake up screaming every morning.

  2. Juan Pablo

    Will do!

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