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Leon is getting la-a-a-a-arger!

The above header is how I feel after having had my praises sung in the video of a panel that took place at the just completed Heroes-Con. The boost to my ego comes courtesy of writer Chris Sims of Comics Alliance, who has reached the level of Operating Blockhead VIII! YouTube Preview Image


  1. jammit

    Captcha isn’t a teabagger:
    taxation agreed

  2. deworde

    I literally only started reading your site because of that clip.
    Just caught up, apparently at exactly the right moment.

    My next question is how to get a copy of the original comic in the UK.

    (BTW The Pointy-Haired Dictator’s face today is fantastic)

  3. Malachi

    To deworde, click to buy a shirt, scroll down, and may I suggest the Bag of Crap special. Warning DeepFried is addictive and has side effects.

  4. JY

    The comics are all available in my store. Just be sure to click the “International Customers” button to add overseas shipping to your far away, distant land.

    Santa Captcha watched angrily as the radioactive polar bears devoured his elves one by one. “This calls for Yules Power.”

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