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Hello to all you new Debbie Downers who have only just discovered Clarissa from her sudden fame courtesy of Digg and Reddit and the nice person who posted Stuffed Friend without my permission. There is another Clarissa story for you to enjoy here, and plenty more in The Great Taste of Deep Fried and Deep Fried vol. 2 #1, both available in my store. Clarissa seems to be inspiring her share of fans on Deviant Art, too! Lookit this and this. Wow… why do people have such a dark opinion of my cute little waif? I’ve always imagined her as having a lot of cross-over appeal to fans of cartoons like Doug and Hey Arnold! .


  1. Malachi

    I don’t have any money for the ransom, and you taunt me with an ear from Clarissa, you fiend. It is Father’s Day soon, would you be willing to be adopted?

  2. Orson Zedd

    I remember when this was floating around /co/ on 4chan. Good times. It’s how I discovered Weapon Brown, in fact.

    Also, good on ya making something incredibly depressing and funny.

  3. Ivan

    Interesting how theft can sometimes work to one’s benefit. I would never have heard of this place without that cartoon being posted without your permission, and I’m sure there are others like me who have come here based on that comic and are now mulling over buying some stuff as a result.

  4. SeReGa

    I agree with Ivan.. I also came here because of the Digg post… Already bought some merchandise and will buy plenty more in the future…. Theft scored you two new fans Jason :) and probably plenty more!!!

  5. Adam

    I couldn’t disagree more with Ivan, because with all respect to Author, there is no theft here. Don’t create newspeak changing the meaning of words, because nothing has been taken from anyone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theft , please read it before it’s changed. The thing what has happened here was unintended and massive advertisement. Without it millions of people wouldn’t even know those works existed. Now they do, and Clarissa became a mem. Well, I agree the person who uploaded it to Diggs and Reddits should ask for permission first, but no harm done anyway, I hope most people will reward Author as he deserves.

  6. Ivolve

    I admit, I discovered Clarissa through digg, now I can’t get enough of it! Don’t know why… it’s just good story telling! Wish there was more to it.

  7. Ivan

    Call it theft or not, but posting someone’s work without their permission from something they’re hoping to sell is a jerkass thing to do. Enough of it and an artist can no longer pay the bills.

    But in this case, I suspect it has had better results than in most cases and has brought a bunch of new fans. Here’s to hoping, anyway.

  8. jammit

    So, when are you going to do a DMCA takedown? Had the MPIAA and RIAA lawyers contacted you yet?
    Seriously, I just want to pick Clarissa up and hug her until her eyes pop out.
    Captcha has an opinion on this “stolen” artwork:
    borrowed no

  9. Jenny

    Yeah, I wouldn’t of found this place unless I had seen Stuffed Friend posted without your permission on a forum I visit.

    Simple, but depressing. >.<

  10. Juan Pablo

    This is excelent, I’m wating for another comic of calrissa.

    Juan Pablo, from Argentina.

  11. Charles

    Wow, your site is slow as fuck. Also, nobody would know who you are if someone hadn’t posted your comic on reddit. “Without Your Permission”. Douche You incredibly sexy man, you.

  12. zew00p

    I agree with charles. Welcome to the internet, we’re not so anal about copyrights around here.

  13. JY

    Oh Charles. Just because you are anonymous to everyone except the federal agents monitoring your consumption of furry guro on WTF-Chan does not mean some of us don’t promote our little asses off.

    So, as Captcha would say, univent that.

  14. Nathan J.

    Hi—I guess you’re the artist? Good job. I saw your comic a couple years ago, and it stuck with me. It came up in conversation today and I wanted to link it to some people. I found your site and was hoping to have a link to send people to, but I cannot find a copy of the comic ‘Stuffed Friend’ anywhere here, or on your DeviantArt? Have I missed something? Anyway, I want to respect your rights but I’m looking for a happy medium here… so it looks like the best thing to do is to link to the Imgur copy that was posted to Reddit, followed by a link to your digital storefront, or simply your whatisdeepfried.com site.

    With all due respect, though, it looks like you posted six links in your post, and not one of them is the proper link to the comic. So I’m sorry to say but it does not surprise me that it was reposted as an Imgur link on Reddit. Had you gone on Reddit and said, “Hey, I’m the author, please use this link instead,” they would have flooded your site with hits. There are some major dickbags on Reddit, but I believe in general, they respect artists’ rights. Especially artists who advocate for children. For every idiot who posts a Pedobear meme or comments that Clarissa ‘had it coming,’ there are at least a dozen, if not a hundred, who would love to kill her father, or at least get her out of that home.

    Anyway, cheers for a brilliant comic, all the best to you and such.

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