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Cross Purposes

Attention moneychangers: The Body of Christ is open for business! From Matt Taibbi at True/Slant, on a Goldman Sachs executive’s recent comments…from within a church, no less… that Jesus would endorse wealthcare: It’s a particular kind of mental disability. This is dumbness that doesn’t know how to connect the information coming in from their other sensory organs, i.e. from the outside world, to whatever flowery kaleidoscope of overwrought horseshit their professors sent hurtling on a permanent lifelong spin-cycle in their empty skulls back when they were eighteen. Read on…


  1. MarvoDaMighty

    It is a sign of teh arrogance of the Wealthy, that they as having attained said wealth are somehow better, than the vast majority who are not. It’s that disconnect with reality that only deepens the resentment and pushes the exploits of the gossip Girl / Melrose Place / 90210 teenbots that see these extreme examples of pampered poorly trained attitudes as a desirable personl goal to aim for

    Captcha : Parts $40-Million HMMMM

  2. A.L.

    I like what Marvo said because it’s what I was talking about with someone a few nights ago.I would like to have money,money is great,but I be damned if I’m going to allow it to warp my perception of reality and make think I’m better than everyone else (this also ties in abit with what I was saying a few days ago on your last news post).Anyway,the blog post you linked to really speaks to me,because it’s basically how I’ve always felt about things like that.The person from Goldman Sachs would seriously have to be that friggin detached from reality that not even the folks from Sliders could pull his brain from the alternate dimension its residing in.And I know for fact there are people like that,I’ve met more on the net than I have in person,but I know they are there and it’s sad as hell.

    Life is only as easy as you can make it to be,and even then you have to overcome things to get to a point where it is manageable.However for some,they don’t and probably will never have to deal with that,which gives rise to the sort of mentality that exec has about their version of reality and certain aspects of it.That only would make me cringe and only reinforces my resolve to not be that way and make sure that my younger friends do not end up that way.Also,you don’t necessarily have to have wealth to even gander that delusion of reality,you just have to enough morons who think just like you reassuring you of whatever it is running through that shell of a cranium of yours to filter only what you want to see or believe.This can be applied to just about anything,as with presentable in examples such as videogamers,certain politicians,and Islam.

    Captcha-arliss this

    Well shit,that’s kinda ironic.

  3. Malachi

    The money changers have set up in the Temple, is it time to act like Romans and party like Herod? And why is there always a line to the woman’s vomitorium?

  4. Joe Guy

    I like to think the GS crowd will one day be met at the Gates of Hell by a marching band, but meantime – they win.

  5. The Cubelodyte

    Amen, Brother Varley! The gospel of Supply-Side Jesus shall save us all.

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