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The Day After Monday the 13th

I seem to have inspired a genre of dystopian newspaper features. I can only imagine what will follow next. Post-apocalyptic Sudoku?   And look what else I have inspired: yet another fan sculpt from the faithful and obviously unemployed Benjamin Hayden. This is Sgt. Beepo, featured in several of my post-9/11 strips. Keep em’ coming, Benjamin! You are turning my inevitable trademark infringement suit into a slam dunk.


  1. NaOH

    Post-Apocalypse Sudoku?

    How about Space Zombie Bingo! (I kid you not.)


  2. Malachi

    Wow buff Beepo looks like this guy from Wilmerding.

  3. lordzuke

    holy shit dude do u sell these? send me tha info to lordzuke@yahoo.com put me on the mailing list. I want to buy everything u put out. word.

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