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Clarissa brings the sad-making lulz

According to 4chan, my dear, sweet Clarissa is creepypasta. But do not bother trying to confirm it. History has already swept her aside.
Precious, precious, unarchived validation.


  1. Whovian

    If people on 4chan are saying that…. Wow.

  2. R. Cucamonga

    I found your comic on /b/
    instant fan


  3. Anonymous

    You know that someone drew porn of her, right?

  4. David

    That’s sweet and all, but you missed all the rule 34 of Clarissa.

  5. admin

    People are evil. That’s why I’m having my genome converted to Zebra.

    Of course, the weird thing about 4chan is that they don’t archive, so if something of mine makes it there, I’ve got about 15 minutes to bask in my popularity before it is replaced by a ‘shopped portrait of Milhouse or something.

    So, if any of you spot something of mine (or related fan art) on 4chan, send me a screen grab like 3D Beepo did!

  6. Anonymous

    I saw this in what I think was the first posting of it, on late night /co/; which, by the way, is a board composed of emotional puppy hugging nerds as far as the rest of 4chan is concerned. I didn’t take any screenshots but rest assured, there were many responses praising your skill at sequential art and your subtlety (and complaints about the Thanksgiving comic being too overt and the joke cheapening Clarissa). One of the /co/mrades posting was even a former art student of yours who recognized the signature.

    It eventually got derailed into a discussion on affecting change in real life and the definition of hope; whether it is empty anticipation for something to come or a drive that pushes people to better their world. I’d say there were probably at least a dozen unique posters taking the comic seriously and only or two making bad loli jokes.

    Well, that night at least, by the next morning there was rule 34 on /i/.

  7. Anonymous

    “if something of mine makes it there, I’ve got about 15 minutes to bask in my popularity”


    If you are going to 4chan to bask in your popularity, you are doing it wrong. It’s an anonymous messageboard for a reason. Being mentioned on 4chan does not mean you are famous or important or you’ve done something good or valuable or whatever other delusions you might have. It means some neckbeard somewhere happened to post something of yours out of boredom. Nothing is saved by default because 4chan is not a place you go to carve out your internet niche, to wrap yourself in your online persona and make a name for yourself. When you create something, something else at the end of the list gets destroyed. It’s like a million assholes having 110 conversations. That one of them mentioned you is not something to brag about.

    You are wrong about it not being archived, though. If something is remarkably good or groundbreaking, it will be archived, or people will save it and take screenshots and repost those screenshots. No one did that for the thread about Clarissa but you.

  8. admin

    As long as you are going to post anonymously, you will never be famous! See you in Hollywood, sucker!

  9. Bernadette S.

    >>Anonymous Says:
    >>December 8th, 2008 at 7:32 pm


  10. Icarus

    Old news, but on the same day that it was posted to /co/, I cross-posted it to /x/ within minutes.

    They were entirely horrified. It was amazing.

  11. ProfessorFaggotTree

    It was reposted today in /xb/, thought I’d let you know. First time I had seen it. I don’t consider it creepy pasta. Just very very sad.

  12. Kirsten

    It was just reposted today in /b/ and was the first time I’d seen it. Wow. This is probably extremely sadistic of me, but I want to see more of Clarissa.

  13. JY

    It’s not sadistic. You just have a healthily hellbound soul! I would suggest picking up The Great Taste of Deep Fried from my store for Clarissa’s earlier stories.

  14. Crystufer

    Now I just wish I could find her on the archive.

  15. JY


    It is in the Extras section.

  16. anonymous

    god knows if you’ll get to the thread in time before it 404’s, but heck . you’ve probably heard all that’s been said before.

    tho, what perplexes me is that 4chan and dA seems to sympathize a lot more with the comic and theme than all the hate on the theme + comic mixture you see on all those other forums as if it’s just meant to be offensive and sick. god knows i’ve seen much worse pedophilia comics without a shred of empathy for the victims.

    ‘Clarissa’ is meant to be deeply profound, yes?

  17. Jackie

    I just read your comic on /b/ and I wanted to say thanks :)

  18. Charlie

    hits too close to home, I suppose.

  19. Anonymous

    I read your Clarissa comic around the net. But there was only the one where she’s at school. Are there others? I’m some how oddly intrigued in reading more even though it brings upon crippling depression.

  20. ADHadh

    This may sound weird, but…
    Could you arrange that this code would be added to the CSS file for Extras section?

    table {
    margin: 0 auto;

    It will just position everything in the middle of the browser window, making it more comfortable to read. I guess that site was built back before panoramic screens became the norm :)

  21. steppenwolf

    I still remember the first time I read Clarissa, oh, yeah…
    it was a hard night e_e

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