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 Eva Hopkins, my frequent girlfriend, has finally seen the seed of her darkest dream blossom into a black rose called…Dark Ivory! 


Dark Ivory is Eva’s new comic, created in collaboration with the rather talented Joe Linsner, and stars a sexy teen vampire who has just earned her wings. It’s “My So Called Life” meets “Harry Potter if Harry were a girl and drank blood”. It’s in comic shops now and if you don’t pick up a copy then you must be a vampire, because you would definitely suck.   


  1. Eva


    Can I say, I wuv you my little snugglepuss, here, or will that kinda put a damper on your too-cool underground cartoonist image?

    It couldn’t have happened w/out you, sweets.

  2. Tyson

    That pun was fucking horrible, Mr. Yungbluth. Report for newspaper syndicated comic strip duty immediately.

    Still, after being disappointed that Harry Potter turned out to be neither a girl nor a vampire, this series appears to fill that bitter void. Is there a website from which this Dark Ivory may be purchased if one missed getting out to the comic emporium?

  3. Tyson2

    I suppose the link in bold font will suffice.

  4. Eva

    Why yes there is – just had to wait for the online store update to go live! All kinds of Ivory goodies:


    Thanks for askin’!

    — E.

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